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Huawei is targeted by new US sanctions. The FCC, the US regulator of telecommunications has announced measures to exclude telecommunications companies from a large program of subversion if they continue to use equipment of some companies deemed "at risk". Huawei and ZTE are openly cited among firms falling into this category.

huawei 2 - Huawei: the United States announce new sanctions, the war continues - Phonandroid

The United States continues to tighten its grip on Huawei. The FCC joins the Trump administration in its isolation measures against the Chinese manufacturer who is already excluded from 5G networks, but also 4G and 3G in the United States. Ajit Pai, the president of the organization, announced that he was introducing a decision banning all types of operators from using federal subsidies for buy equipment or services from Huawei or ZTE.

Huawei: the United States reinforce the sanctions against the manufacturer

The measure covers two parts. The first, which is punitive in nature, will deprive US companies of a major $ 8.5 billion subsidy program. This program enables telecommunication operators to be financed to expand their networks and services to as many people as possible. "The worry is that hostile foreign actors could use hidden doors in our networks to spy on us, rob us, hurt us with malware and viruses, "Ajit Pai said, adding that" there is growing evidence that Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE pose an unacceptable risk to US national security. "

The second part of the new measures aims to force all operators already using Huawei equipment to replace them with those of other suppliers. "It first requires an assessment to determine exactly how much equipment Huawei and ZTE have in these networks." The FCC is ready to financially support operators to help them transition to "more reliable suppliers." The proposal still requires the approval of the other members of the FCC Board of Directors. A vote is scheduled to take place on November 19 and there is little doubt about its outcome.

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