With the arrival of President Joe Biden at the head of the United States, Huawei can hope for a relaxation of the American embargo to which it has been subjected by the administration of Donald Trump. The case is however far from being won in advance.

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Can Huawei hope for a relaxation of the American embargo with Joe Biden? // Source: Photo montage made from the banner of the White House website

Joe Biden is the new president of the United States and officially took office on January 20 as head of the country. A member of the Democratic Party, he intends to pursue a policy very different from his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump. However, on the side of new technologies, an important question still remains unanswered: will the American embargo against Huawei be extended, hardened, relaxed or completely canceled?

For now, Joe Biden has not commented on the subject. However, we learn a little more through Gina Raimondo, the future Secretary of Commerce of the United States – appointed by the president, she is still awaiting confirmation before officially occupying this position. The politician spoke to the senators to present the actions she wishes to take.

A firm speech on telecommunications

On the Huawei file, Gina Raimondo made a firm speech, but tinged with very little hope for the Chinese firm.

I will make the best use of all the tools at my disposal to protect Americans and our network [de télécommunications] Chinese interference or any form of devious influence», She declares thus. So far, Huawei’s fate seems sealed, but hope for relaxation comes from elsewhere.

A weak hope, but still a hope

When Senator Ted Cruz asks her if Huawei will remain on the blacklist of the United States, the famous Entity List, Gina Raimondo remains evasive and commits to nothing. She just promises that she will “examine the policy, [les] consult, consult industry, consult [leurs] allies and make an assessment of what is best for U.S. national and economic security“.

To put it another way, the administration of Joe Biden does not seem to have decided at all costs to torpedo Huawei as the previous government had done. We can therefore imagine that if the executive does not see a reason to overwhelm the Chinese giant, it will have no reason to continue to punish it so harshly.

What future for Huawei?

A future where Huawei continues to be banned from using its 5G infrastructure on US soil while returning to a normal situation in its other activities – including smartphones – is therefore plausible. Hope is very slim, but it is there for the company.

Recall that by being blacklisted, Huawei no longer has the right to collaborate with American companies – including Google – or with foreign suppliers whose products are based on American technologies. Following its restrictions, the manufacturer has faced supply problems and there are outright rumors that it would like to sell its lines of P and Mate smartphones. The group has already sold its subsidiary Honor which, through this independence, is once again entitled to Google services on its products.

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