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No longer really in stink of sanctity in the United States, Huawei is banking on Europe to support its unbridled growth. The Chinese giant is deploying lobbying efforts all over the place to be well seen on the Old Continent.

To say that Huawei is in the panade is a euphemism. While the world's second-largest smartphone manufacturer is doing quite well in its home country, the company is still under an embargo imposed by President Trump that puts him in an uncomfortable situation. Forbidden to use American technologies, the mobile giant must compose without Android, the operating system made by Google which today dominates the world.

After a first deadline in August, the US administration has extended the suspension granted to the company until November 19, 2019. And if relations seem to heat up between China and Donald Trump and the shadow of an agreement begins to take shape according to the head of the US trade, the Chinese giant does not take risks. Fifteen days before the new round of bargaining, Huawei is deploying every possible means to put in its pocket an ally of weight: Europe.

Huawei makes money speak

On the occasion of the Innovation Day event – November 4 and 5 in Paris – the company multiplied the beautiful promises. Ernest Lin Zhang, president of the group for Western Europe has announced invest 40 billion euros on the Old Continent "in the next 5 yearsThe idea is to rely more widely on European talent to do without, if necessary, US technologies.In France, Huawei boasts of having increased the GDP of 1.2 billion euros in 2018 , to support no less than 12,200 jobs and to pay 724 million euros in taxes, a way to make a nice nudge to Gafam regularly accused of escaping the tax.

But the great operation of seduction does not stop at the numbers. Huawei also tries to impose itself in the cultural landscape and to dedicate himself after the numerous accusations of espionage of which he was victim. November 7th should be released by Editions Eyrolles a book entitled A Success called Huawei which describes "the unique and dazzling journey of Huawei"who wants to be"an inspiration for all major groups and entrepreneursBehind the book hides Vincent Ducrey, CEO of the Hub Institute which is among the list of its "partners" … Huawei The book is notably praised by Thierry Bonhomme, former President and CEO of Orange Business Services … Huawei Innovation Day precisely.

Academic, economic, political and cultural investments

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Jacques Biot (© Jeremy Branade – CC BY-SA 2.0)

In the same vein, Huawei has also established itself as an ally of choice for French universities and research centers. The company is a "strategic partner" of the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) and Télécom Paris (formerly Télécom ParisTech) and also provides the funds to pay "more than 300 teachers"and"73 PhD studentsPhD students who may then be able to participate in the Digital Inpulse program "that supports the excellence of French start-ups, by offering them a business expedition (Learning expedition) in South China"A program carried by Huawei since 2014.

On the side of politics, the Chinese giant is not left either. Jean Louis Borloo, who sits on the board of directors of Huawei France, was approached to take the presidency of the group this summer, but refused. Never mind, the company has got hold of Jacques Biot, former president of the École polytechnique, but especially former advisor Laurent Fabius. A connoisseur of the mysteries of power, the man has been appointed director of Huawei France and should become the face of the R & D branch of the Chinese giant in France.

With partnerships in the academic, economic, political and cultural worlds, Huawei seeks to weigh more than ever in the European landscape. Major lobbying efforts as 5G issues become more pressing than ever.

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