The Belgian market is a market in which the Chinese manufacturer retains an important place. With this in mind, he decided to “thank” his clients and future clients by offering certain advantages.

As we know, times are hard for Huawei, still in turmoil and the American bans on working with the American tech giants. Constraints which prevent it in particular from offering on its new smartphones to have access to Google services. But if this has very little impact in Asia, in the West we are all very closely linked to the services offered by Google.

A longer warranty.

The first good news is that the Chinese manufacturer is extending the initial warranty on its phones. So, from now on, when you buy a Huawei phone in Belgium it will be guaranteed not 2 years, but 2 years and six months. It is this six month guarantee that Huawei generously offers to all new customers. In addition, in addition to the repairs included in the warranty, all customers will benefit from a 20% discount on the price of other repairs.

Free Cloud Storage!

Huawei is also announcing that it is offering an additional 50GB of cloud storage. However, this extra space will only be valid for 3 months. It would have been interesting if it stayed continuously.

The chinese builder also announces that it offers free VIP access to its online music service Huawei Music. A streaming service that has to its credit no less than 50 million titles and 1.2 million albums.

Advantages to win back customers.

With these “icing on the cake”, Huawei hopes to retain its customers and motivate consumers not to turn their backs on its smartphones. Especially since his Huawei p30 pro which remains for the moment still a very good smartphone sees its price position around 500 € -600 €. And as a reminder, this smartphone still benefits from all Google services.