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The Huawei Sound X smart speaker, designed in partnership with Devialet, is finally available in France. However, it arrives in an incomplete form, since the voice assistant Celia will not be added to it until September.

Almost 7 months after its launch in China, the Huawei Sound X is finally available from French resellers. It is the very first time that this connected speaker, the first from its manufacturer, has been marketed outside its native country.

In China, the speaker relied almost exclusively on Huawei's proprietary services for all of its connected features – be it the HiLink home automation ecosystem, the Huawei Music streaming service, or of course the voice assistant Xiaoyi. The company therefore had to tackle a major site to adapt all these services to international markets … site which for the time being is far from finished. Thus, the French version of Xiaoyi, renamed Celia, is not yet available on the speaker, and will not arrive until September thanks to an update of firmware. The assistant is however already available in French on smartphones of the P40 range of the brand, but we imagine that it must still need some improvements to be able to operate on an independent speaker.

So while waiting to earn the qualifier "intelligent", the Sound X can still be used as a simple wireless speaker. Recall that the Huawei enclosure also promises first-rate sound performances, and that it benefited for its acoustic design from the Devialet competition. The famous French brand notably supplied Huawei with its SAM technology, consisting of an extremely precise adaptation of the signal processing stages to the electroacoustic behavior of the speakers. It is also to Devialet that the Sound X owes the design of its double woofer in "push-push" configuration, promising deep and dynamic bass.

The Sound X is available now at an indicative price of € 299.

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