Huawei is the number 1 manufacturer in China. With nearly 124 million smartphones sold, the brand overtakes Apple and Xiaomi, and ranks just ahead of Vivo and Oppo. Still, those numbers are likely to collapse in 2021, due to the enactment of US restrictions.

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Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

Huawei is holding on. While the brand is no longer even in the top 5 in smartphone sales, its native country continues to favor its products. Indeed, the manufacturer reaches first place in China, which is further ahead of its competitors. In 2020, this one shipped 123.9 million smartphones. It is followed by Vivo and its 57.5 million sales, then by Oppo with 56 million units distributed.

The top 5 is completed with Xiaomi, which sold 39 million smartphones, and Apple which shows 36.1 million meter sales. It is therefore a good performance for Huawei, which is probably preparing to have a very bad year 2021 by collapsing to 7th place in the world. Although US sanctions have had a clear impact on results of the brand, it has managed to take the place of leader.

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Huawei could lose its top spot in 2021

But for how long ? The measures taken by the US administration will undeniably deal a blow to the builder. The loss of its Google license as well as of its processor supplier Kirin may cause the latter to fall in the world ranking. In the 4th quarter of 2020 alone, the brand recorded a decrease in sales of 34.5% compared to the previous quarter.

Joe Biden still breathed a glimmer of hope to the Chinese firm by announcing to consider lifting the embargo imposed by Donald Trump. But nothing is done yet, and it will have to find ways to face the difficulties that await it. By then, Huawei has already prepared an action plan to survive 2021. Its competitors, for their part, stand ready to recover the market share that the brand will have to give up.

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