In its market analysis for full flash storage systems in the first quarter of 2021 at the global level, Gartner notes that activity was weak in the first quarter of 2021. Some players such as Pure Storage or Huawei are however pulling their weight.

Slowly, but surely, sales of all-flash storage arrays are on the rise in businesses. Admittedly, Gartner’s latest market analysis shows a 2.4% drop in demand in the 1er quarter of 2021 worldwide, but some players remain very dynamic.

This is the case of Pure Storage which clings to third place with a market share of 13.2% with a turnover of 283.5 million dollars (up 1% over one year). The pure player is reaping the benefits of its on-demand-oriented strategy and the integration of Portworx to manage Kubernetes environments. The case of Huawei is even more representative with an increase of nearly 2 points in its market share, which rose from 6% in 2020 to 7.7% at the start of 2021. The Chinese actor sees the revenues from its OceanStor range reach $ 165 million at 1er quarter 2021.

Significant push from Huawei

This acceleration of Huawei leaves on the tile HPE which points to the 5th place with an estimated market share of 7.6% (down one point compared to 2020) for revenues estimated at 164 million dollars. When presenting the financial results at the end of 2020, Antonio Neri explained that “in storage, transformation is a multi-year adventure to create a data platform from edge to cloud”. The latest financial results from HPE point to a rebound in full flash storage whose revenues have increased by 20% since the arrival of the Primera range.

Let’s finish with the unconquerable firsts. In the lead, Dell Technologies sees its market share crumble from 35% to 32.5% with an estimated revenue of $ 698 million (down 9% compared to 2020). In second place, NetApp has a market share of 20.3% (against 19.3% a year earlier) and a turnover of 436 million dollars (+ 2%).