Huawei Petal Search engine enriches to compete with Google – Frandroid

Initially designed to search APK installation files, the Petal Search service developed by Huawei is gradually transforming into a genuine generic search engine.

- Huawei Petal Search engine enriches to compete with Google - Frandroid

Huawei Petal Search

Even if it means being deprived of working with Google, you might as well put extra effort into the development of competing services. In any case, this is the reflection that the Chinese giant currently seems to be carrying out, which is suffering the consequences of an embargo put in place by the administration of Donald Trump.

As we know, Huawei has been working for some time now on an alternative operating system to Android called HarmonyOS, which should be installed by default on its future mobile devices. However, at the same time, it seems that the manufacturer also intends to position itself in the online search market.

Petal Search becomes a generic engine

With Petal Search, Huawei has designed a set of algorithms capable of crawl the web looking for APK files. Four months later, the company does not intend to stop there and the manufacturer announced, according to AndroidAuthority, the arrival of several partners on the occasion of the Huawei Developer conference. Thanks to the integration of programming interfaces for complementary services, Petal Search will be enriched with new search categories: news, shopping, local businesses and travel.

- Huawei Petal Search engine enriches to compete with Google - Frandroid

Huawei Petal Search // Source: Android Authority

Huawei promises that these different partners – which are set to multiply across the globe – will allow Petal Search to return relevant results, regardless of the user's geographic location. It should be noted in passing that in Spain and Turkey, Huawei has already activated its own search algorithm to compete with market leaders such as Google or Bing. In other countries, however, Huawei relies on partner search engines. The latter are not mentioned, but we imagine, for example, that Huawei has approached Baidu in China or Yandex in Russia.

For Huawei, ousted from the standard Android ecosystem, the challenge is to quickly regain autonomy by increasing the number of services while limiting the points of frustration for its users who cannot have Google Play services by default.

No availability date has been announced in the rest of the world, but Huawei says these results will also be integrated into its virtual assistant Celia afterwards.

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