Week after week, new indiscretions are emerging around the future flagship of the Chinese brand Huawei, the P50, which will succeed the very good P30 and P40. This time, photos of the shell dedicated to the smartphone have confirmed visuals already unveiled, suggesting a photo block that is surprising to say the least …

Several manufacturers have already launched or presented their flagship in 2021, in particular Xiaomi with its Mi 11, Samsung with its Galaxy S21, or OPPO with its Find X3 Pro. As usual, Apple will present its new iPhone later in the year, at the end of September more precisely, the iPhone 13 having visibly avoided the delay problems that had affected the iPhone 12 in 2020.

Among the 5 largest smartphone vendors in the world, it remains to discover the new flagship of Huawei, whose release has just been postponed to next May. This does not prevent the specialized press from regularly going fishing for information and indiscretions, on a new model all the more expected as it will be the first of this range not to embed the Android operating system, the Chinese firm still being banned from working with American companies. It will therefore run under HamronyOS, the brand’s own OS. Obviously, Huawei is making great efforts to offer an attractive P50 despite this absence, especially detrimental on the Western market (Google services are not offered in China, where the brand remains very powerful). For this, this new smartphone seems to bet very heavily on the photo …

In recent weeks, photos on the design of the Huawei P50 have indeed filtered in the specialized press, and one detail in particular has attracted all eyes, on the back of the device: the place taken by the photo blocks. Yes, THE photo blocks, because there are obviously two, as new photos have just confirmed this time showing the transparent covers made especially for the Huawei P50:

The presence of this astonishing double photo unit on the back of the Huawei P50 therefore leaves specialists to look for two scenarios. The first indicates that it should have the largest sensor ever on board a smartphone, the Sony IMX800, which could also soon equip the Google Pixel 6. We can therefore consider that the top hole is intended for this ultra sensor -performing, and the lower one to the other sensors. On a high-end model, and Huawei generally relies particularly on photos, it would indeed be surprising to offer a model that would only be equipped with two photo sensors.

Double or quintuple camera for the Huawei P50?

The other scenario, defended in particular by the RODENT950 leaker, leans more towards the presence of several photo sensors in each of the blocks. While most of the top-of-the-line models coming out now come with quadruple photo sensors, will Huawei push the boundaries and release a device with 5 or even 6 sensors? To support his claims, the leaker imagined the design of the P50, based on other images already unveiled:

The Huawei P50 being planned, like its predecessor the Huawei P40, in 3 different versions (P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro +), one can logically wonder if this astonishing double photo block will equip each device of the series, or only the Pro + version. ? According to videos released recently, and unveiling – unofficially – the design of each model, it seems that this very particular design is applied to the 3 smartphones. Even if obviously, these visuals are to be taken with a grain of salt, so much they differ from those which had been presented in January and which we had already told you about.

Sources: Phonandroid, The Mobiles