On the occasion of its conference organized on June 2, 2021, Huawei discreetly lifted the veil on the P50. The Chinese firm has simply confirmed the ergonomic detail that has made the most buzz in recent weeks: its astonishing double photo module. Originally slated for spring, the smartphone has no official launch date.

huawei p50 official photo module

Huawei’s conference took place today, Wednesday June 2, 2021. A conference that lasted two hours and during which several products were unveiled. The Watch 3 and the Watch 3 Pro. The MatePad Pro. The MateView and the MateView GT. Or the Freebuds 4 headphones. It was above all an opportunity for Huawei to confirm its strategy around Harmony OS, an operating system that looks a lot like Android 10… without Google’s technologies.

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One of the products we were expecting was not presented today. This is the P50. Or rather the P50s, since, like every year, the flagship of the Chinese firm should be available in several versions. The P50s, therefore, have not been formalized. But they were not completely absent, since Richard Yu, the boss of Huawei Consumer Business Group, insisted on quoting them in his closing speech.

The double photo module of the P50 has been formalized by Huawei

The leader cited the P50. And he even showed it. The two visuals accompanying this article come from the conference. We have integrated the replay at the end of the article. See you at the 122nd minute if you would like to see the passage yourself. So you will see the very astonishing design of the P50, which has been the subject of several leaks in recent weeks. Huawei therefore confirms the integration of two photo modules, each integrating several elements, whether lenses or a flash. You will notice the absence of the Leica logo.

huawei p50 official photo module

In his speech, Richard Yu explains that the smartphone should have been officially launched in the spring. But circumstances have considerably delayed the arrival of this product. The leader is obviously referring to the US sanctions imposed by Donald Trump and that Joe Biden has still not lifted. Huawei admits that there is always no launch date for the P50. It makes you wonder if it will happen one day, or if this parenthesis at the end of the speech was not intended to create the buzz and denounce a situation that has lasted for more than two years.