Huawei or the new Big Bad Wolf – Marianne

The United States has launched the hunt for Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant. Obviously, they hardly taste the intrusion of a competitor into their technological lands, where they have long reigned in hegemony. So they decided to kick the enemy out of their territory without shaping it – Trump style. In the process, they threatened with economic reprisals all countries that refused their diktat, starting with the members of the European Union, which they like, but on condition that they are submitted to them.

The latter are therefore ordered to expel Huawei from the Old Continent on the pretext that it is both the false nose of Xi Jinping and the big ears of the Chinese state, which we never forget to specify that it is headed by the Communist Party, in short by the sworn enemy, especially since the disappearance of the Soviet Union.

Law of the fittest

Coming from Donald Trump, the espionage charge is worth its weight in peanuts. Even before the revelations of Julian Assange (imprisoned in London) or Edward Snowden (refugee in Moscow), we had learned a lot about the methods used by the United States to hold most other Western countries under their control. cut, and to make them pay dearly for any violation of the law of the strongest in force in the Old West. We now know that even the heads of state were spied on, to the point that the Americans had to apologize to those concerned, without knowing whether the latter did not continue to be the privileged targets of the CIA, which everywhere believes in her.

The little Trump Company soldiers are therefore not in the best position to accuse anyone of espionage. Yet such is their tactic, intended to perpetuate the power of the Yankee Empire, still dominating despite the rhetoric about so-called American isolationism. Of course, one should be wary of Huawei as any other private juggernaut, regardless of one's nationality. By the way, those who cry Big Bad Chinese Wolf hardly seem to care about the methods used by the Gafam made in America to weave their technological web on the rest of the world (including Europe), to police their users for commercial and ideological purposes, even if it means forgetting in passing the ethical principles advocated in other circumstances. Nothing escapes them, not even what is a priori a matter of private life. It is undoubtedly possible that Huawei will one day engage in such culpable acts, but, for now, it is only a risk. For the Gafams, this is already a reality.

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