HarmonyOS, the alternative operating system to Android, is open to all smartphone manufacturers, Huawei announces. The Chinese group indeed wishes to offer its in-house solution to all manufacturers anxious to emancipate themselves from Google. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has already claimed that they are not interested in HarmonyOS. The firm will remain loyal to Android.

huawei - Huawei offers the alternative to Android to all smartphone manufacturers

In order to free itself from American pressure, Huawei has accelerated the development of HarmonyOS, its in-house operating system, in recent months. Largely based on AOSP, the open source version of Android, the mobile OS will be deployed on some Huawei phones from April 2021. Among the first smartphones to take advantage of it is the Mate X2, the third foldable smartphone from the brand, and the range of P50s.

Ultimately, Huawei hopes that other smartphone manufacturers will adopt its modular operating system. In a press briefing with the Chinese media, Wang Chenglu, president of the software engineering section at Huawei, assured that HarmonyOS is open to all manufacturers, reports Huawei Central.

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Huawei offers HarmonyOS to Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi refuses

All smartphone manufacturers wishing to use the operating system are free to do so. This is not the first time that Huawei has reached out to its competitors. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s mobile division, had already suggested that Chinese smartphone brands break free from Google by adopting HarmonyOS.

Unfortunately for Huawei, Richard Yu’s proposal received a rather cold reception. Xiaomi, one of Huawei’s rivals in the Chinese market, was quick to assert that it was not interested in HarmonyOS. Despite the risks of US sanctions, Xiaomi wants to continue to rely on Android.

In the process, Wang Chenglu recalls that HarmonyOS is also intended for connected objects of the Internet of Things (IOT), televisions or connected cars. With this in mind, Huawei has partnered with 40 brands, including big names like Volvo. 100 million different devices (connected cars, smartphones, connected watches, screens, TVs, speakers, etc.) will run on HarmonyOS from 2021, Huawei estimates.

Source: Huawei Central