During its annual conference presenting its results for 2020, Huawei announced that its Mobile Services ecosystem is the 3rd most used in the world. The platform counts 2.3 million developers around the globe and hosts more than 300,000 applications. Despite the unprecedented crisis it is going through, the firm recorded growth of 3.8% compared to 2019.

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One would have thought that the atmosphere would not be good during this press conference on Huawei’s 2020 results. Yet the Chinese firm arrived with swe have good news, even though we recently learned that it is no longer part of the top 5 smartphone sellers. Among the announcements made, the manufacturer was proud to unveil the performance of its Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem, launched in Europe at the start of last year.

According to Hu Houkun, vice president of Huawei, this would be the 3rd most used by developers in 2020. They are thus 2.3 million to create their applications according to the standards of the firm. In December 2020, we counted 300,000 applications on the AppGallery, and over 120,000 extended apps. Huawei says these numbers have been steadily rising since then.

Huawei Mobile Services follows traditional platforms

The manufacturer did not specify it, but we can easily imagine that Google and Apple services share the highest places on the podium. Nevertheless, this is a good performance on the part of Huawei, which is doing its best to adapt to the measures decreed by the American embargo. Before going it alone, Honor had notably assured that Huawei Mobile Services would bury Google services.

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The prophecy has not yet come true, but it is clear that the platform is a solid alternative to its traditional competitors. Especially since the latter represents a major challenge for the manufacturer, which is preparing to launch its first smartphones under HarmonyOS, the Huawei P50 at the top of the list. In addition, the Chinese firm announced the arrival in the coming days of its next flagship, even though rumors affirm its postponement to May or even June 2021. To be continued, therefore.

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