Huawei: MediaTek asks US to allow it to sell its 5G chips – Frandroid

MediaTek would love to come to the aid of Huawei (and sell it a lot of chips), but first we have to get the approval of the US government.

- Huawei: MediaTek asks US to allow it to sell its 5G chips - Frandroid

A 5G-compatible SoC Dimensity // Source: MediaTek

Huawei has new issues. Founder TSMC can no longer work with the Chinese giant and produce Kirin chips for its smartphones, yet its second customer after Apple. Deliveries will stop as of September 15, the start of the entry into force of the new US embargo. To continue releasing Huawei or Honor smartphones, the manufacturer must therefore find an alternative and move towards SoC manufacturers. Qualcomm had been tipped for a time to provide Snapdragons on the future Huawei Mate 50 or P50, but MediaTek is now the official candidate.

A very juicy market

With Huawei's place in the global smartphone market, this is bound to be a potentially very lucrative case for Qualcomm or MediaTek. In July, the firm Canalys revealed that Huawei had managed to sell 55.8 million smartphones, despite its problems and the inability to access the Google Play Store.

The latter officially told Reuters that he requested the US government to trade with Huawei as early as September 15.

MediaTek reiterates its respect for the orders and rules applicable to world trade, and has already applied for US authorization in accordance with the rules.

It is unclear whether the Trump administration will agree, if its goal is really to bring Huawei to its knees. The arrival of SoC MediaTek on the entire Huawei and Honor catalog could in any case bring healthy competition to Qualcomm, which has become hegemonic in the mobile market over the years. If MediaTek could still lag behind in recent years, the latest generations of its chips are both efficient and provide a good level of technology. The Redmi Note 8 Pro was, for example, one of the best smartphones of 2019 thanks to its MediaTek Helio G90T SoC.

One thing is certain, if MediaTek obtains this clearance, Huawei will immediately be relieved of an immense burden.

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