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Huawei will present at the end of the month its flagship of the end of the year, the Mate 40. A smartphone that promises to be ultra powerful thanks to its Kirin 100 processor engraved in 5 nm. The latest home chip from Huawei after the end of its partnership with TSMC.

Huawei is not yet to be buried, but this could well be its latest model in the high-end smartphone segment. The Chinese firm will present at the end of the month its new flagship, the Mate 40, which succeeds the Mate 30 as well as the whole line of P40 released a little earlier in the year.

Big power, for the last time?

In its announcement tweet, Huawei promises – as usual – unprecedented power. Never before seen on the smartphone planet. It must be recognized that the company's in-house processors are particularly powerful, easily competing with the high-end Qualcomm or Apple chips. In addition to this aspect, what characterizes the Mate family is the appearance of new technologies that will be used in future models. The range generally acts as a showcase whileConversely, the P range focuses on the photographic aspect.

If Huawei's tweet refers to power, the accompanying image talks about going "further" and of "to leap forward". A somewhat vague sentence, but which augurs well for beautiful things. After a Mate 30 Pro offering a "waterfall" curved screen, what more could this new family of products have in store for us? According to the first indiscretions on the web, the smartphone should adopt a main module of 50 megapixels and could, once again, strongly focus on the telephoto lens. Indeed, He Gang, person in charge of the smartphone division of Huawei, posted on Weibo, the "Chinese Twitter", a daytime snapshot showing the Moon in great detail. We remember that the P30 Pro was the first of the firm to offer a zoom allowing to capture images of the celestial object – with software help.

For what is certain, the Mate 40 should logically include the Kirin 1000 processor, the most recent, but also the latest processor of the brand. TSMC's blacklisting and production halt has put Huawei in a difficult position. Of the 15 million units ordered, the firm will receive only just over half – which should not all equip smartphones. Deprived of a manufacturer, Huawei is unable to offer a successor to the Kirin 1000, which will therefore be the last in-house processor.

If all goes well, we should see two smartphones arriving on October 22, a classic version as well as a Pro version. Last year in France only the Pro version reached our borders – maybe it will be the same this year.

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