At the Shanghai MWC, Huawei has deployed its connected home design over 550 m², from the garage to the game or sports room. More than objects, it is a well-established strategy that the Chinese giant wants to adopt.

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Source: Huawei

It is not really a secret entry that Huawei wanted to make during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) from Shanghai. While the Chinese brand has hinted that it will downsize on smartphones, a consequence of its setbacks with the American authorities, it is now turning to other projects and other areas.

And among the sectors in which the Asian giant was particularly absent, there is the connected home. It is now error fixed.

550 m² of connected house

During MWC, Huawei unveiled its very first Smart Home project. And to give a certain dimension to its arrival, the firm has, in all simplicity, filled an area of ​​550 m² to illustrate its point through a smart home. Connected garage, living room, kitchen, office, games or sports room: almost no room escapes Huawei.

It must be said that Smart Home will be the convergence of all the segments developed within the Chinese company’s Seamless AI Life strategy. For this, the latter will rely on its Huawei HiLink and HarmonyOS technologies, which had already appeared in its televisions, or even Huawei HiCar.

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Source: Huawei

What will the smart home look like according to Huawei? In your daily life, mixed with a little artificial intelligence to help you control as many connected objects as possible.

In Shanghai, Huawei has also declined some possibilities of its Smart Home project with home devices compatible with HarmonyOS, the home operating system that should take place in millions of products, smartphones, smart TVs and others very quickly. Bring your Huawei smartphone closer to the kitchen device and the connection is a snap. The recipes available for your oven, blender and any other small appliance will then be displayed on your screen.

Play the interaction card to facilitate use

The compatible smart assistant (which should be Celia) can also organize and apply the scenarios you have developed to control your connected devices (shutters, bulbs, heaters, etc.). The Huawei Sound X speaker could be its flagship and home hub like Apple’s HomePod, Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Nest Audio. What to offer there an asset for a home automation made in Huawei.

The company is also building on already existing interactions between its IT products, which allow switching from a Mate 40 Pro to its MateBook laptop or MatePad Pro tablet for multiscreen collaboration. Or even transfer its content to its Smart TV, compatible with all Huawei viewing services, for video or with AI Fitness for your physical exercises. The Huawei Vision TV thus uses its recognition and joint technology to provide you with a tailor-made program, advice during your yoga session or other sport.

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Source: Huawei

And even the garage is no exception. Your smartphone can be used to open the car and transfer its applications to the on-board screen to display the route or the music. But it will also be possible to control the connected objects of the house to prepare for its smooth return or to ensure that everything is properly closed.

Over 220 million compatible devices

More than offering a gallery of connected devices – which Huawei does not do through its Smart Home project – the company is focusing on uses and the means to supervise them and support users. This involves interactions facilitated by communication technologies, the help of AI and voice assistants.

Better know how to use devices rather than multiplying them. Huawei even mentions the possibility of “detect user behaviors, monitor their health constants and even understand their emotionsTo help on a daily basis. Far from companies that want to cover the house with connected objects.

To help it deploy its project, more than 800 partners would use the HiLink platform today, i.e. no less than 220 million connected devices. Huawei announces the addition of more than 40 “conventional” brands that will collaborate in 2021 to provide more than 100 million products compatible with HarmonyOS, without however mentioning the slightest name.