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Huawei launches a TV channel 100% dedicated to Huawei. Called Huawei News, it is responsible for reviewing the various news from the manufacturer: new products, innovations, its advances in 5G. Of course, the situation with the United States is one of the flagship subjects of the chain. The objective is clear, moreover: to ease tensions and play down the current conflict with the American authorities.

huawei news chaine tv - Huawei launches a TV channel 100% dedicated to Huawei - Phonandroid
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Huawei takes a new step in its operation to win back public opinion. After playing the transparency card with the Huawei Facts site, the manufacturer has just launched Huawei News, a television channel exclusively dedicated to the manufacturer's news. The tone is set from the first news broadcast: " Huawei is still active! "shouted out loudly Susan Wang, the newly named presenter of this BFM-like channel with her news banners and headlines.

By way of first broadcast, Susan Wang returned in details for 5 minutes on the successes of the firm in 2019, and on “ the amazing " good corporate health. In addition to the successful launch of Mate X and Mate 30, the presenter lingers for a few moments on 5G, insisting that this technology will " increase our confidence in digital systems ”.

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The demonstration ended with an appeal to President Donald Trump. Presenter calls for US authorities to reconsider ban on Huawei. Will Potus hear it? The future will tell. According to information provided by the Chinese media, the channel should broadcast several programs of this type throughout the year, during which guests will be gathered to discuss the manufacturer's news: launch of new products, news miscellaneous and analysis of statements by company officials and partners and politicians.

Since the publication of the first news on the subject, the video extracts from the program available on Youtube have been deleted. Has Huawei asked for these passages to be removed from the video platform? It is also possible that this communication call did not work as the company would have wished, preferring to delete it and not repeat the thing. To find out, we'll have to wait for the eventual release of an episode 2 of Huawei News.

Source: South China Morning Post

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