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Harmony OS 2.0 makes a video appearance on the Huawei Mate X2. What to give a good overview of the interface and some features of the alternative OS to Android from Huawei.

Harmony OS 2.0, Huawei’s mobile operating system developed in a hurry following sanctions against the company preventing it from using Google services, is shown in a video.

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Harmony OS 2.0 very inspired by Android

The images were captured on a Huawei Mate X2, the Chinese manufacturer’s new foldable screen smartphone. The user interface necessarily reminds us of Android: general aesthetics, notification bar, application folders, application icons… Harmony OS incorporates many elements of Android.

This is not a surprise, a previous report told us that the OS took a good part of the source code of Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

A swipe down gives access to the default search engine of the smartphone. We don’t see it in the video, but Petal Search should take an important place in Harmony OS 2.0. This is the app search engine created by Huawei, which is based on both its App Gallery and third-party APK stores.

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Gesture navigation for widgets

The control center can be swiped from the top right corner, the notifications interface from the top left corner.

The video gives us a slight overview of the Harmony OS 2.0 Calendar and Notepad. This version also appears to incorporate widgets that react to gesture navigation, with additional information showing without opening the app when an action is taken.

The demonstration takes place on a foldable screen smartphone, but there is likely to be little change between a standard mobile and a foldable one. Huawei is in any case continuing its efforts to free itself from Android and the Play Store, but its future outside China is already understood, as evidenced by these sales of smartphones in recent months.

Source: GSMArena

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