You are well aware that Huawei has suffered for several months the heavy decisions issued by the United States against it. As a result, the Shenzhen firm can no longer sell its smartphones or sell its services on the American market and other allied countries.

These restrictions also go in the other direction, since Huawei can no longer integrate technologies from an American company into its devices. As a result, Huawei smartphones are now deprived of Google services. A situation which has prompted the Chinese firm to revise its ambitions downwards.

In Europe, Huawei is currently experiencing a slow decline which allows other competing manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, or Vivo to gain ground.

However, if the Trump administration and now the Biden administration intended to get rid of Huawei so easily, it would appear that they were all wrong. Huawei was and remains a mobile telephony giant, so much so that the company has many patents, especially with regard to technologies related to 5G.

A way for Huawei to replenish the coffers

Today we learn that Huawei plans to claim $ 2.50 per smartphone that uses patented 5G technology. This move should allow the Chinese company to recover 1.3 billion dollars. A godsend when the financial situation of the company is at its lowest following the American bans.

Huawei is looking by all means for a solution to fill its shortfall. This strategy is nothing new, many companies like Qualcomm or Nokia also ask a kind of tax to manufacturers who use their technologies.

Just a few weeks ago, Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of Huawei, wanted to talk to President Biden in an attempt to reset relations between the United States and his company. However, Joe Biden was not keen to meet the request of the Chinese billionaire. The latter who today is changing strategy to get Huawei out of the storm.