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Huawei has already sold 15 million 5G compatible smartphones. The firm thus captures almost a third of the world market, despite the difficulties it is currently experiencing. Samsung still remains ahead, but by little.

Huawei Logo - Huawei has already sold 15 million 5G smartphones, almost as many as Samsung - PhonAndroid

Huawei is banking on 5G. The automaker is indeed one of the leaders in the segment, he said at his internal Global Analyst Summit event. He has passed more than 15 million 5G compatible smartphones, and this since the very first terminal of this type sold in 2019. A performance that allows it capture 33% of the world market. In China, Huawei strikes even harder, since 55% of the country's 5G smartphones are of its manufacture. 8 million of these terminals have been delivered since the start of 2020.

However, Huawei is not the world leader in 5G. Samsung is indeed ahead, slightly, with 34% market share. But 5G is still a very young technology, and everything has time to evolve very quickly. However, the stars are not really aligned for Chinese society in difficult times.

Huawei under pressure

Donald Trump has Huawei in the crosshairs and does everything to put a spanner in the works. If the company is confident for the future, a new twist adds all the same to its difficulties. It would seem that the founder TSMC, its partner for its Kirin 5G chips, gave in to pressure from the Americans and could no longer fulfill its orders after September 2020.

This does not mean that Huawei smartphones will stop, which should go to other founders, probably in China. Nevertheless, this marks another unforeseen event that society would have done well. Add to that analysts who see Samsung stealing market share from Huawei around the world.

However, Huawei does not intend to let it go. Nowadays, the brand released nineteen 5G compatible smartphones and don't plan to stop there. Huawei is currently capturing 10% of the global smartphone market. Samsung is 30%.

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