It’s finally official! Next month, Huawei will launch its brand new Harmony OS operating system.

There is a new competitor in the game! While for a decade now, the smartphone world has been divided between the two Android and iOS worlds, Huawei has, since the start of the American sanctions, developed its own Harmony OS environment. A challenger that could in the years to come become a serious problem for existing systems, and which has recently experienced an acceleration phase, with a beta version tested during this month of March. And this final step was brilliantly taken, since Huawei has now given an official release date for Harmony OS!

media - Huawei: Harmony OS will be officially launched in April

The visual above, posted by Huawei on the Chinese social network Weibo, announces the implementation of Harmony OS from April 2021, with the Mate X2 folding phone as the first smartphone to benefit from the operating system. A first installation which would also be followed by the integration of Harmony OS into Huawei’s next flagship, the Huawei P50, the marketing of which would have been delayed by one month to allow its pre-installation in the high-end smartphone. It remains to be seen what impact this OS could have outside of China in the coming years. Wait & See!