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Using your smartphone to play video games is a habit for hundreds of millions of mobile users around the world. With its HMS ecosystem, Huawei therefore had to offer an intuitive and immersive experience, to allow users of its EMUI10-based smartphones to play their favorite games in the best conditions. Two gateways to mobile games are available to players within Huawei Mobile Services: the AppGallery applications market, and the GameCenter platform.

The best of mobile gaming on HMS

AppGallery is a marketplace for mobile applications developed by Huawei, intended for its smartphones and tablets. Coupled with the Petal Search search engine, it provides access to over a million applications, which includes a large number of mobile games. Among the most popular are Idle Heroes, Brain Out, AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac or Perfect World, to name a few. A search, a download, and let’s go to enjoy your favorite games.

Huawei GameCenter, on the other hand, brings together players from around the world in a hub with social features, where the scores of the community collide and where it is possible to communicate. But that’s not all: GameCenter allows players to unlock exclusive gifts, and get special offers associated with their favorite games. Each month, 45 million active users visit Huawei’s GameCenter: enough to make game publishers and developers want to offer their applications within the HMS ecosystem. This is notably the choice made by Gameloft.

Gameloft, storming the AppGallery

Gameloft is a French company that has been developing and publishing video games for over 20 years. Its goal: to offer an optimal gaming experience on many platforms, which obviously includes mobile. For the studio, the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem quickly presented itself as obvious to bring its various bestsellers within reach of ever more players. Gameloft is one of Huawei’s first partners in France: its first application to integrate AppGallery is none other than its car racing game Asphalt 9: Legends, quickly joined by four other big hits from the studio, including Modern Combat Versus. The Gameloft gaming community has millions of monthly users around the world, and many pass through AppGallery and Huawei GameCenter.

“The partnership between Huawei and Gameloft is the meeting of two companies, each innovating in their market”, summarizes Cyril Guilleminot, France and Benelux director of Gameloft. “It was only natural to partner through AppGallery. “ To support the studio in adapting its games within its ecosystem, Huawei provided support throughout development, in particular by providing its partner with all the appropriate tools, but also smartphones to ensure the perfect compatibility of applications with Huawei Mobile Services. The French company was quick to see that not only the players were there via AppGallery and GameCenter, but also that Huawei’s solutions were quickly generating income. “We are very satisfied with the partnership with Huawei around AppGallery, but also around the innovation aspects, which are very important for Gameloft”, concludes Cyril Guilleminot. Such satisfaction that the French studio will offer, in the coming months, four new games for the Huawei ecosystem: proof that this virtuous partnership has only just begun.