Following the path taken by Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi have started to remove the charger from the boxes of their latest smartphones. We now discover that Huawei is preparing to do the same … but for a reason very different from any environmental concern.

huawei logo - Huawei could also stop supplying chargers ... despite himself - Frandroid

The Huawei logo on the facade of the brand’s flagship store in Shenzhen // Source: Frandroid

At the end of last year, Apple was the first to no longer provide chargers in the boxes of its latest Apple Watch, first of all, then its iPhone 12. This initiative can be motivated by at least two reasons: it allows the company to reduce in a snap of the fingers the amount of electronic waste it generates … while saving on packaging, packaging and transport costs (without chargers the iPhone case is half the thickness of before).

A double environmental and economic alibi that quickly convinced Samsung and Xiaomi to follow suit, despite the initial mockery against Apple. Today, we learn that Huawei could also stop providing a charger with its next smartphones, but not really for the same reasons.

Huawei taken by the throat by US sanctions … and shortages

If it’s a safe bet that from a marketing point of view, Huawei uses the same eco-responsible argument as Apple and the others, the brand would actually be forced to remove the charger from the boxes of its Mate 40 and Nova. 8 lack of charging chips in sufficient number. This measure could also extend to future P50s, expected in May.

According to GizChina, Huawei would nevertheless offer to provide a charger for free to its customers, but only to those who will pass through its stores. A way for the group to considerably reduce the quantity of chargers sold (how many customers will take the time to order from Huawei for a charger offered separately when they probably already have chargers at home?).

Huawei’s move comes as a reminder as the firm is still strangled by US sanctions and as a global chip shortage rages, slowing the entire industry. Note that this abandonment of chargers for the P50, in particular, should in any case have only a moderate impact on Western consumers. With the exception of the Chinese market, Huawei has been struggling for months in the smartphone sector following the forced abandonment of Google’s services on its devices.