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Huawei likes to present itself as a leader in 5G equipment, the next generation of mobile communication. But he is also, without a doubt, a champion in terms of lobbying in Europe. On Monday, the Chinese giant of telecom equipment and smartphones gathered industrialists, politicians and the press during its "Innovation Day", its annual meeting dedicated to the promotion of its activities. To do this, Huawei chose the very chic and prestigious decor of the mansion Salomon de Rothschild, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The theme of the event? "Innovate for a digital Europe. "

The theme was, of course, not chosen at random. On the Old Continent, Huawei continues to raise suspicion of many governments and intelligence services. They fear that its telecom infrastructure – especially in the mobile and 5G – serve as a Trojan horse for China to spy on or possibly interrupt communications. Last month, the EU split a very suspicious report against the Chinese group. Without mentioning it by name, Brussels argued that " threats from the States or operators they support are considered of utmost importance " because they "Can have the motivation, the intent and most importantly, the ability to conduct repeated and sophisticated attacks on the security of 5G networks". In the wake of this survey, the European Commission has promised that a document will be published soon. And that it will quote, this time, the names of the companies and the States concerned.

Huawei opposed to "a digital Berlin wall"

Meanwhile, on Monday, Huawei's goal was clear: to position itself as an important catalyst, thanks to its mobile network equipment, the digitization of Europe and its companies. In a long speech, William Xu, the director of Huawei's board of directors, said he understood that Europe wants, for the coming years, to ensure its numerical sovereignty. But according to him, this ambition should not lead to "Building a digital Berlin wall". Which, for example, would exclude the Chinese group from the Old Continent – like the United States or Australia who drove Huawei out of the 5G market … On the contrary, William Xu believes that Huawei must "Help Europe build its own digital infrastructure".

Anxious to show off in Brussels, Huawei was able to count on the participation of MEP Josianne Cutajar during her "Innovation Day". The Maltese elected has split a speech, at least classic, on "Europe in the digital age", believing that with this "Fourth industrial revolution", the Old Continent "Had the opportunity to regain his leadership". A nice catch for Huawei, whose communications services immediately tweeted the intervention of the MP:

In the process, Huawei presented a study by Oxford Economics on its economic weight in Europe. One way, for the group, to present itself as an actor is all "unavoidable". According to this survey, the contribution of the Chinese industrialist to the European GDP is estimated at 12.8 billion euros. The Shenzhen group would, directly and indirectly, provide work for nearly 170,000 people.

"This report clearly shows that Huawei is one of the largest companies in Europe"trumpeted Abraham Liu, Huawei's representative in Brussels, in a statement. " (Our) innovative goods and services will help the EU achieve its objectives " in matters "Digital sovereignty, building a strong technological ecosystem"he continued. The seduction operation is conducted smoothly. Huawei definitely does not skimp on the means to preserve its positions in Europe.

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