Huawei claims 33 million European users of its application store

Posted on Sep 3, 2020 at 6:23 PMUpdated Sep 3, 2020, 6:54 PM

Huawei continues to look soft on Europe. During an online conference given on the occasion of the IFA in Berlin, the largest electronics fair on the Old Continent, the Chinese telecoms giant, banned in the United States, did everything to show that it does not he was not about to abandon Europe, its first international market.

The context is however tense. While many countries are already banning its 5G antennas, difficulties are also mounting for its sales of smartphones outside of China since they are stripped of software and chips of American origin. But of the 460 million monthly users of its AppGalery application store, 33 million are Europeans, said Walter Ji, the European boss of the consumer branch of the company in Shenzhen.

Each month, these mobile users download or update an application, according to the definition specified by Huawei. This is the first time that the brand has given a figure that attempts to demonstrate the enthusiasm for this system that has become central in its strategy and without which many owners of Huawei smartphones could not obtain new applications.

First meter reading

As of May 2019, Google no longer has the right to work with Huawei, by decision of the US Department of Commerce. The smartphones of the Shenzhen brand therefore no longer carry either Android or the application store of the Californian group. Forced and forced, Huawei has been using great means since the beginning of the year to publicize its alternative and sees a success in this first meter reading.

But this figure should be taken with a grain of salt. First, it is not possible to compare it with those of the Apple and Google environments since the two mobile giants do not communicate theirs. Even if the bases installed by the two Americans with smartphone users are such that specialists imagine to count the respective followers of the App Store and the Play Store in hundreds of millions, rather than tens of millions.

Then, app publishers wait for more numbers before committing and creating apps that, starting a virtuous circle, would attract users and boost the popularity of the AppGalery. " What is the download rate of applications in the AppGalery? How much of the revenue from the AppGalery goes to publishers? What proportion of apps are used one month after being downloaded? Big brands ask us if it's interesting but still hesitate to go », Notes Thomas Husson, analyst at Forrester.

Not a word on Kirin

With the same aim of convincing developers, Walter Ji used to praise during his time at the IFA the merits of Kirin processors, which give all their powers to Huawei smartphones. This year, not a word about it. In fact, the group had already said, during the summer, that it would soon run out of stocks for these components, due to American sanctions preventing its partners from manufacturing them.

Nothing has been revealed on a possible alternative. But Huawei does not admit defeat and has just announced its intention to spend 100 billion dollars on research and development for the next five years.

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