Huawei banned, Nokia will supply Australia with 5G – digital age

The news fell on December 30, it is the Finnish company Nokia which will equip the Australian network. The announcement comes at a rather murky time, between Huawei’s ban on Australian territory and the still-debated merger between Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) and TPG Telecom.

China-US trade war complicates 5G arrival

Slight backtrack … May 2019 is a period of glaciation in the American and Chinese trade war. President Trump has just excluded Huawei, a key Chinese player in the global 5G deployment, from his territory for spying.

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The president then intimates his allies to do the same. The reactions are mixed, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany or more recently Italy do not follow the American president. Among the few to comply with Trump's injunctions, Japan, New Zealand and therefore Australia.

The three countries were not especially more sensitive than their European counterparts to the charm of the American president. They all have one thing in common: being in more or less direct rivalry with the Chinese giant in the Pacific, which tends to make the problems of espionage more delicate.

Huawei dismissed is a problem in itself. The Chinese company likes to point out that its technology is used on 65% of 5G networks worldwide. Difficult to corroborate this figure, but it is certain that Huawei represented 30% of the equipment in 2018 when its Finnish competitors of Nokia 17% and Swedish Ericsson 13.4% and the little thumb, Samsung, with 2.5% is on the way to get a place.

Faced with this limited choice, it was Nokia that won the decision to become the network supplier of HAV " They (Nokia) have presented a compelling roadmap that aligns with our 5G goals and will help us continue to improve our 4G network for our customers "Said Vodafone CEO Iñaki Berroeta, relayed by Reuters.

A dark merger affair

The deployment of 5G should take place in the first quarter of 2020, unless justice gets involved. VHA has embarked on a whopping 9.4 billion euro merger with TPG Telecom. A merger rejected in May by ACCC, the local anti-trust body. The case is currently before the courts, VHA having appealed. The arrival of 5G in Australia, a journey fraught with pitfalls.

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