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Huawei has released figures for the use of the AppGallery in Europe for the first time. Its alternative to the Google Play Store has 33 million active users on the old continent, out of a total of 460 million worldwide. For the manufacturer, the ecosystem is arousing real enthusiasm in Europe.

huawei appgallery - Huawei: AppGallery, its alternative to the Play Store, has 33 million users in Europe - PhonAndroid

Huwei used a virtual conference broadcast at the Berlin IFA to reaffirm his commitment to Europe. Since losing its Android license in May 2019, Huawei's market share has steadily declined in the old continent. It represented only 16% in the second quarter of 2020 against more than 26% a year earlier.

However, the manufacturer is not ready to resign himself to fate. Europe is its most important international market. How to restore the confidence of its European customers, the vast majority of whom depend on Google services? For over a year, Huawei has set its sights on HMS, which ultimately aim to become a credible alternative to Google applications. The AppGallery, its equivalent of the Play Store, is notably at the center of the platform.

Huawei claims 33 million users in Europe for the AppGallery

AppGallery has 480 million active users worldwide, including 33 million in Europe. Huawei has invested heavily in its ecosystem in recent years and has just announced its intention to take it up a notch. The manufacturer wants to invest an additional $ 100 billion in R&D over the next five years.

The message is clear: Huawei is not ready to give up, despite more and more analysts predicting a dire future for the manufacturer in the smartphone market. Already struggling on the software front, Huawei recently received the final blow. By decreeing new sanctions, the United States is now blocking the company from sourcing chips for its devices.

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No founder at the present stage can supply the manufacturer. As a result, Huawei has admitted that it is no longer able to produce smartphones. Unless you make your own 100% homemade SoCs to replace Kirin chips. It's not win.

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