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To compensate for the absence of the Play Store on its P40 and P40 Pro, Huawei has developed TrouvApp, a proposal to download the most popular apps from the Google store. Is it convincing?

Since May 2019, Huawei has been constantly promoting its application store called AppGallery. And for good reason, the Chinese company no longer has the right to integrate that of Google, the Play Store, in its latest smartphones. The Mate 30 Pro and P40 Pro, however excellent terminals, are therefore orphans of this particularly supplied app store. Huawei has released a billion dollar budget to convince developers to supply the AppGallery, but it takes a long time.

FindApp to make the world easier without the Play Store

A year later, there are approximately 45,000 apps on the AppGallery, when the Play Store had 2,870,000 in March 2020. Pending to make up for this delay, the Chinese manufacturer has developed TrouvApp, a solution that allows the user to facilitate access to missing applications in the AppGallery. In use, TrouvApp presents itself as a search engine. The name of the app is entered in the search bar and it is then indicated how it is possible to take advantage of these services. Three main solutions are offered.

  • Download the app in .apk via an alternative store like APK Pure
  • Download the app in .apk via Huawei's web browser, via developer sites or an application aggregator site
  • Use the services offered directly by the internet browser and watch YouTube, for example
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The presentation of TrouvApp.

As we did in December when the Mate 30 Pro was released, we will observe if the 20 most downloaded apps from the Play Store are available on the AppGallery. And if they are not, we will see if they are available on TrouvApp.

Top 20 Play Store apps

Top 20 Play Store apps AppGallery presence Functional via TrouvApp
WhatsApp Messenger ✓ (via link)
Zoom ✓ (via link)
Messenger (Facebook)
Disney + ✕ (available, but does not work)
Uber Eats
QR code & barcode scanner
The good corner
Assistant your phone ✕ (available, but does not work)

This table allows us to observe that only 5 of the 20 most popular apps on the Play Store are downloadable natively on the AppGallery. Regarding WhatsApp and Zoom, the official store of Huawei refers to internet links to download them in .apk. Done, the two applications work correctly and without pitfalls.

By installing TrouvApp on the P40 Pro, we go from 7 to 18 available apps. All use the download of an .apk. Often, TrouvApp redirects us to APK Pure, an open access application store, and only sometimes offers installation via the internet browser. The different applications tested work well and seem to have all of their services. It is however interesting to note that TrouvApp will favor certain download circuits rather than others with certain apps. It therefore offers Discord as the only download solution to go through an application download site, while APK Pure also offers it.

Flagship apps available but not working

Of the top 20, only Assistant your phone and Disney +, which are however available for download via TrouvApp, do not work. And for good reason, when the embargo was declared against Huawei, the Chinese firm not only lost access to the Play Store, but also to Google Mobile Services (GMS). Installed by default in the vast majority of Android smartphones available on the market, these GMS are absent from the Mate 30 Pro, P40 and P40 Pro. A sort of toolbox, they concentrate all the functions that app developers have not created internally and have left to be managed by Google. These are very diverse features, ranging from geolocation to connection to the Google account, including the use of the smartphone camera. So Uber doesn't have a location algorithm and uses Google location services to find your location.

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Assistant your computer, Gmail and Netflix from left to right does not work without GMS.

You have to be clear: when you install the Uber apk on your phone, you don't install Google location services, the app turns out to be incomplete. The only way to install the GMS would be to force the installation of the Play Store, but we will not go that far today. The same problem occurs when launching Assistant your phone and Disney +: these apps rely on GMS to function and therefore cannot be used here. In the same way, the Google Maps application can be installed, but it is not possible to identify yourself and thus configure. YouTube and Gmail are just unusable.

To overcome this, Huawei recommends using Uber, Gmail or YouTube directly from its internet browser. This method works relatively well since the browser does not rely on GMS, but on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). It is therefore possible to order a taxi, read emails or watch a video, but the experience is not very ergonomic.

Top 20 Play Store Games

Top 20 Play Store Games AppGallery presence TrouvApp presence Functional via APK Pure
ASMR cutting
Bead Sort!
Coin Master ✕ (available, but does not work) ✕ (available, but does not work)
Bake it
Rolly Legs
DOP: Draw One Part
SpongeBob: Crazy Cooking ✕ (available, but does not work) ✕ (available, but does not work)
ToT or Trivia
Save the girl!
Masters of escape
Repair Master 3D
Fishdom ✓ (via Amazon Appstore)
Brain Out
Braintest ✕ (available, but does not work) ✕ (available, but does not work)
Harry Potter: Secret at Hogwarts ✕ (available, but does not work) ✕ (available, but does not work)
Scrabble GO
Easy game
Join Clash 3D
Brawl Stars

On the gaming side, things are not much more convincing. Only 3 of the 20 most downloaded titles are available on the AppGallery. Many use GMS to facilitate the registration of accounts or other functionalities. Some say at the outset that their absence prevents use, while others will simply block on the home screen.

An extremely frustrating application universe

In the end, of the 40 apps present in the dissected tops, 31 run on the P40 Pro. A good ratio that shows us that things can be done on Huawei mobiles. However, settling for TrouvApp and APK Pure to inflate the number of applications quickly proves to be frustrating. If they are not in the top, the incompatibility of apps like Gmail or YouTube is regrettable. The simple fact of going through devious means to recover it complicates the experience. Especially since we are thus entrusting the management of updates to APK Pure, without being able to really assess their attendance on this point.

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