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It has been many months since Huawei's relationship with the United States has been particularly tense. The country has feared spying for a long time, but it has materialized its desire to evict the Chinese brand by ordering Google to end its Android license. In May, the firm was also blacklisted, resulting in a ban on component sales by US companies.

Android license again granted to Huawei? We do not know yet

The situation could finally be decanted gradually thanks to an agreement and a system of licenses that the USA could put in place. That's what the US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, talked about. According to him, licenses could be granted to American firms so that they can continue to sell equipment to Huawei. For the moment, more than 260 requests have been sent to the government by companies.

Ross says this change could be effective very soon ". Some companies currently have temporary licenses, but these expire at the end of the month. For their part, they defend themselves by testifying that this prohibition could impact their ability to compete with foreign companies.

The man also wanted to clarify the existence of a " presumption of refusal for blacklisted firms Suggesting that the government will be particularly concerned about potential risk to the country's national security.

However, the US secretary did not say which US firms could be licensed to continue trading with Huawei. For now, we do not know if the Chinese manufacturer can exploit Android and Google services on its smartphones again.

Huawei quickly responded through Edward Zhou, vice president of the firm: " There is no cybersecurity problem for us and there is no evidence on the part of the United States to say so. We anticipate that this year we will be able to almost maintain the same performance as last year, even under pressure from the US government ".

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