Huawei accuses the United States of being responsible for the global semiconductor shortage. For the Chinese manufacturer, the US government has severely disrupted supply chains with trade sanctions imposed against many companies.

huawei penurie composants - Huawei accuses US of chip shortage
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As you probably know, a serious shortage of semiconductors is currently affecting the entire electronics industry. It is because of this shortage that many companies are no longer able to provide sufficient quantities of their latest flagship products, like Sony with the PS5, Microsoft with the Xbox Series X or even Nvidia with its GeForce RTX cards. 3000.

While many analysts agree that the global Covid-19 pandemic is the main culprit behind this shortage, Huawei obviously has another theory. According to the Shenzhen firm, the US government, and more precisely the trump administration, is largely responsible for these supply difficulties.

According to Huawei, it was the US sanctions against the manufacturer and dozens of other Chinese companies that caused the panic buying of components and chips in particular, which would have resulted in the current shortage. According to rotating Huawei chairman Eric Xu, companies had not previously sought to stockpile chips.

The shortage triggered by the United States?

Now, manufacturers prefer to source in quantity, by creating stocks for the next 6 months minimum. This rush for components has disrupted the well-oiled work of the supply chain. Result, suppliers can no longer keep pace, overwhelmed by demand. A situation in which Qualcomm is, which has also ensured that the shortage will continue until the end of 2021.

According to Eric Xu, the US government has “destroys the trust that existed in the chip supply chain ”. It guarantees that this shortage will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the price of electronics, while many countries are investing heavily to build their own semiconductor production capacity.

Finally, the manager returned to the catastrophic situation of Huawei. He ensures that the manufacturer is looking for a way out. He recalled that the manufacturer is currently developing its semiconductor production lines, in order to emancipate itself from its partners such as the Taiwanese TSMC. As a reminder, Huawei still hopes to beat Samsung and become the number 1 smartphone despite these difficulties.

Source: GizChina