how to use the new Google Photos editor?

Google has just rolled out new editing tools within its Google Photos app on Android. Easier to use, they are now grouped together in the same place and allow new automatic corrections suggested by the application to be applied using machine learning.

You will be able to adjust various parameters of your image, such as brightness, contrast, or even saturation, in a single tap to obtain an optimally edited photo.

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1. Access the editing tools

Open Google Photos, browse your library, and view the image you want to edit. In the toolbar displayed at the bottom of the screen, press the second button from the left, showing settings.

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2. Apply the suggested settings

The first settings offered are the changes suggested by the application. You can thus decide toImprove the image by applying parameters that improve the overall rendering of the image, but also choose between a rendering Hot or Cold.

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3. Crop an image

The following tool allows you to crop your images. You can use the slider to slightly rotate the subject of your image, but also manually adjust the cropping by acting directly on the frame of the displayed photo.

The crop tool also offers you to select a predefined ratio or choose a custom one, and will also allow you to rotate the image, or even change the tilt of the image.

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4. Adjust the picture settings

Google Photos also offers to adjust various parameters of your image. If you have previously chosen to apply one of the suggested settings, the changes concerned present in the section Adjust will be displayed in blue.

You will be able to modify the Brightness, the Contrast, the White point, the Light tones, the Shadows, and the Black dot and adjust the Saturation, the Heat, the Tint, the Tone of skin tone (skin), the Tone of blue, but also apply an effect of Sharpness or from Vignetting.

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5. Apply predefined filters

If you do not want to go into the details of a photo retouch, you can choose to apply one of the thirteen Filters predefined in Google Photos.

The application of these filters can obviously be combined with other modifications made manually, in particular using the tools in the Adjust section.

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6. Annotate your images

Among the images stored in your library, you might have photos or screenshots that you would need to annotate before sharing. Google Photos incorporates this possibility. For this you need to enter More within the proposed editing tools.

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You will then be able to obtain the dedicated annotation toolkit which will allow you to write freehand, highlight, or even type text, and this in several colors.

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