How to unlock the fast trip

In Death Stranding, we walk a lot. Very much. But rest assured, we will have at our disposal several ways to go faster over the adventure. For example, we have vehicles like a motorcycle that we will unlock later but also the possibility of using the fast trip.

That said, it is not available right now. We then ask ourselves the question of how to travel quickly? When will the fast trip be unlocked? How to have it? If you are wondering these questions, then we recommend you read this tip.

When do we get the quick trip to Death Stranding?

It will at least have to wait until episode 3 to be able to finally use as you wish the fast trip, and thus revisit the previous areas of the game if you missed a few missions annexes. Indeed, once arrived in the harbor relay town, you will have to go to the lake relay town, and thus deliver your goods.

After a cutscene, Die-Hardman will ask you to go and rest in your private room, which Sam will do automatically. And immediately after a movie in the company of Fragile, this is how you automatically unlock the quick trip with Fragile in the private room. So you can visit the previous areas left behind with jumps.

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