Even if one wants him to be a servant rather than a master, it must be recognized that many events revolve mainly around money. Travel is not exempt. Indeed, it would be very difficult to make and fully enjoy a trip when you have no money. When you have prepared your economy to (finally) go on an adventure, how to exploit it so as not to fall short? In other words, what are the tips to effectively save money when traveling?

The principle to be respected

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Whatever budget you have set aside for going on a trip, whether or not it may be enough for you depends on how you manage it. Thus, it can happen that a very large sum of money ends well before the deadline set for the return to one person, while a small budget would suffice for another. So what is important is not how much you plan to meet your needs on the trip, but rather how you use it. And for this management to be as optimal as possible, it suffices to respect one crucial principle: to spend your stay in the chosen place in the manner of the locals. In other words, it is advisable (or essential) to save your savings, to eat in the same types of establishments as the locals, to move around using the same means as them, to find accommodation by opting for the most suitable formulas. economic… It is therefore necessary to be as immersive as possible, to learn about local realities in order to integrate them into one’s habits.

Using your money differently

To last longer with the amount of money that we have available, it is advisable to completely reconsider the relationship that we have with her. When traveling, four main factors require expenses: food, travel, accommodation and activities to be carried out. Several options are possible for each of them! For example, for travel, we can favor “slow trips” to spend less and reduce trips to a strict minimum. By slow travel, you have to understand >, walking, cycling … But for everything to go well, you have to adopt the right accessories (sneakers or boots, bike …).

For food and accommodation, it is possible to negotiate with establishments which would provide them to you free of charge in exchange for a certain number of hours of work per day. It is true that it seems out of place, maybe even a little crazy, but it is a very nice experience. In fact, you have to have it once experienced to understand. And on top of the experience and the feel, your savings are safe and sound for you to enjoy afterwards.

Alternative solutions

There are several possibilities to satisfy the principle presented above. The main thing is to find the best option for accommodation, food and travel. Here are some ideas.

For accommodation, you can first choose to stay with a local resident. In addition to spending nothing, you will have the advantage of learning about the culture of the area you are visiting, of being in contact with the population, of meeting people. Then, you can opt for studios or roommates. The latter are indeed much cheaper than hostels and hotels. Finally, you can decide to stay in residential areas or go camping altogether. When it comes to food, when you can’t stand the local dishes, it is better to opt for sharing meals in restaurants. This consists of ordering a large portion of food that you will share with friends, which will save you from spending on each and thus, saving money. Finally, for travel, it is better to travel slowly as indicated above.