how to play season 4 of chapter 2

Fortnite has been removed from the Google Play Store, but it is still possible to install the game on Android smartphones, and therefore have access to the new season 4 of Chapter 2, which was released on August 27, 2020.

Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite arrived this Thursday, August 27, 2020: as usual, players must go through an update to access the new content. However, this new component is marked by very specific events: on smartphone, Fortnite had some eventful days this summer.

After a provocation by Epic Games, Apple and Google decided to remove the app from their respective App Store and Play Store. The American video game publisher had objected to the 30% commission that the two tech giants claim for all purchases made in apps downloaded from their virtual store.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to download Fortnite on the Google Play Store and the App Store. According to Epic, it will also no longer be possible to have updates on iOS and macOS, which blocks players in Season 3. On Android, however, there is a way to keep playing. Fortnite, in its latest version.

On the one hand because if you had downloaded Fortnite before August 27, you will have access to update 13.40 directly in the app. On the other hand, because it is possible to install Fortnite on Android bypassing the Google Play Store. Here's how to do it.

How to play Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 on Android

It had not been long since Google hosted Fortnite on its Play Store: Epic Games has long refused to put it there, as opposed to the famous 30% commission, before relinquishing in April 2020. Until that date, it was necessary to go through a launcher in .apk format for the 'install on Android. This manipulation is still valid, and highlighted on the official Epic Games website.

1. Go to the page with your Android smartphone or scan this QR Code

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QR Code Fortnite beta Android // Source: Epic Games

2. Install the game this way, and only this one: do not go through other URLs that may have been created to spread malware.

3. Once the game has been downloaded, you must now authorize the source on your Android phone.

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Android permission // Source: Numerama screenshot

If you have installed Fortnite in this way this August 27, you will automatically have the last version of the game, and therefore access to season 4 of chapter 2.

Photo credit of the one: Epic games

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