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According to figures from the Nielsen firm published on BFM TV, the galette des rois market is still increasing. In January 2019, the market for almond paste, king brioche and cider preparations increased by 2.5% compared to the previous year. The sale of pancakes represents the fifteenth best day of the year for the total turnover of large surfaces.

But for six years, the French have also tended to turn to their baker to find an artisanal product. They would also be more and more to put themselves in the stove: " The trend of home-made becomes unavoidable, and the pancakes of kings are not immune to it, with their tutorials based on the web Explains Liora Bakis from Nielsen to our colleagues.

Tips for a successful pancake

: It is important to have a good puff pastry but it requires a lot of work. If you are a beginner, you can opt for a commercial puff pastry but prefer a "pure butter", it will be better.

The frangipane
It can be plain or slightly flavored. Vanilla, rum, lemon or orange zest … Anything goes. You can also opt for chocolate, apples …

Welding, an important step : Once the frangipane has been placed, the cake must be closed. Delicate step! In order for your cake to keep a nice shape, the welding of the edges must be perfect. Tip: put water or beaten egg on the edges of the first puff pastry before placing the second disc of dough. Press the edges with a fork. Your wafer will be well welded. Then you will have to chew the patty. There are several techniques.

Well golden
: To have a nicely browned patty, spread an egg yolk on the patty. To have a shiny effect, add a little sugar syrup on top and spread with a brush just before baking.

The reason : Let your imagination run wild. You can incise a diamond decoration with a fork or form a pretty rosette using a fine and pointed knife.

Our recipe

We have selected for you a simple and delicious recipe … It's up to you to test!

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