How to keep your car cool?

How to keep your car cool? |

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Paul Leboulanger – Updated

You've decided to hit the road for a vacation in the sun, but the journey promises to be dry! Here are's tips to ensure that your road trip takes place in a sustainable climate.

Ventilation or air conditioning

It goes without saying that the cool wind is your best ally in lowering the mercury by a few degrees. If you have air conditioning, set the levels correctly and point the air outlet towards you.

If your car doesn't have one, be sure to open the windows to let air in. Nothing is worse than staying confined in the same atmosphere for several hours. There are also small fans that can help passengers withstand the heat.

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Do not open your windows if your air conditioning is on, and set the temperature 5 degrees below the outside temperature, so as not to overconsume or risk thermal shock.
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Hydration and freshness

Drink regularly: in summer, the body dries up and without water it will be difficult to regulate the temperature properly. Good hydration will allow you to better endure the journey in the car. Also, take a spray bottle to cool your face from time to time. The water droplets will be a great comfort to dissipate skin heat. Dampen towels and tie them to windows or use them to cool off directly.

Adapt your trip to weather conditions

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The first instinct is to always park your car in the shade. A vehicle exposed in a parking lot to the sun for thirty minutes can quickly become stifling when you have to get back in. Also remember to take the road outside of the hottest hours: therefore avoid the 12h-5h slot if possible. Finally, dress lightly and especially with loose and flexible clothes. Rather than jeans and a polo shirt, choose shorts and a t-shirt.

Protect the car from the sun

Another effective method: darkness. Thanks to a sun visor, which can be applied to the windows or the windshield when the car is stationary, you can protect the passenger compartment from the sun's rays and therefore keep it in a more or less cool atmosphere. In the same vein, the anti-UV films that are hung on the windows perfectly insulate the vehicle from the effects of the sun.

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