Can you use copy and paste on an Android smartphone as comfortably as from a Windows PC? It’s entirely possible. Google’s keyboard, Gboard, natively installed on many Android smartphones, includes a clipboard manager. However, the tool is disabled by default and requires action on your part to take advantage of it.

Thanks to it, all the elements that you copy from your Android smartphone are recorded and kept in a history for one hour. You no longer have to multiply copy and paste actions when you reorder text in a document, for example. You just have to copy each block individually, then paste them in turn using Gboard’s clipboard manager. Demonstration.

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Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

1. Activate the clipboard

Open any app for entering text on your Android smartphone and pull out the keyboard. Then press the copy and paste icon in the keyboard toolbar, and press the button toActivate clipboard.

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2. Copy blocks of text

From now on, copy blocks of text as you usually do on your smartphone, and multiply the copies of text. Each new copied item is stored in the clipboard history of the Gboard keyboard.

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3. Paste your texts

Go to an application allowing you to enter text to paste your various elements. Do not use the default module to paste your text. Unfold the Gboard keyboard, and tap the clipboard icon. Every previously copied block of text should be there. Tap each one in turn to paste them into your document.

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4. Manage the contents of the clipboard

Items copied and stored in the clipboard can be deleted or pinned.

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To do this, go to the clipboard of the Gboard keyboard and press the pencil icon to edit the contents of the clipboard or directly hold your finger down in turn on each element.

You can choose to delete them, or pin them to the clipboard. Gboard will automatically delete them after one hour.