How to enhance your winter salads (and treat yourself)?

Because winter cooking does not necessarily rhyme with chocolate or tartiflette, we show you that you can indulge in taste, even when the outside temperature is close to that of the Arctic Circle. Seasonal products, freshness and lightness become the three major principles of the best salads of our winter.

Seasonal products to compose your salads

Leaves :
endives, romaine, fresh spinach, lamb's lettuce, kale
To grate: red or white cabbage, celery, carrots, black radish or raw turnip.
The cooked: firm steamed potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower cooked al dente.
And also: fennel, avocado, onions.

We forget cucumber, tomato, asparagus, pepper, summer vegetables certainly found in winter, but we recommend that you respect the seasonality of the products to guarantee their quality.

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Citrus fruits (oranges, lemon, grapefruit), apples, pears, pomegranate, not too ripe banana, and dried fruits like nuts.

And also, parmesan, Roquefort, certain fish such as herring or crustaceans like scallops

Endive recipe ideas

Good to know, the endives should not be pink at the base and they should not be mixed with lamb's lettuce leaves, so as not to accentuate the bitterness.
We like the endive beetroot and lemon salad or the traditional roquefort nut endive, which can be twisted with a delicious walnut, sesame or hazelnut oil.

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Winter salad recipes with cabbage

Very classic in winter, the red cabbage salad with pieces of apple and raisins that we took care to swell in a little hot water.
We love the cauliflower broccoli roquefort salad with almonds, or the delicious Landes coleslaw and carrot salad with bacon, or the kale salad with cranberries, original and full of vitamins.

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Original winter salads

We know it, black radish is stuffed with good things. Not always easy to cook, we suggest you grate it with granny apples and mix it with a few strips of Swiss cheese, caraway seeds and Melflor vinegar (Alsatian vinegar with a little taste of honey).

Another ingredient that nutritionists love and that delights gourmets: lawyer. We love this winter salad complete with pieces of chicken and grapefruit.

Finally original too: turnip. Grate it and serve it with an orange vinaigrette with a few pieces of orange flesh removed from the skin. Crush some roasted hazelnuts, yum!

Also think of squash, pumpkin and other pumpkins in cooked pieces.

Winter salads inspired by other countries

And if, once is not custom, we drew inspiration from Germany or even Scandinavia?
Bake potato dear farm (read our article on choosing good potatoes here), not too long so that they do not turn into mash, cut into rings or pieces, and mix them with thin strips of onions , smoked and marinated herring, capers and lemon mayonnaise with dill. You can replace the herring with pieces of raw scallops marinated in lemon, for a festive meal.

Otherwise, head south, with fennel in thin strips that we readily mix with fresh orange, and a drizzle of cooking argan oil, sesame seeds … a real delight.

Legumes, winter stars

In winter, we don't forget that our health like our taste buds will love the lenses wherechickpeas.
So, to facilitate their digestion, they are soaked in water before leaving for work in the morning, and in the evening, they are cooked in salted water, which is changed after 10 min to remove a maximum starch (the very one that causes unfortunate winds). In the last water, which we will not forget to salt, we can put a little powdered cumin for chickpeas, or thyme for lentils.
We cook al dente, we drain and we also play on the choice of a good oil for the dressing, for example.

Chickpeas can be eaten as they are or with pieces of carrots semi-cooked with cumin.
The lentils will love the foie gras, a little crumbled cooked salmon or cod.

See as well : The Portuguese salad with chickpeas and cod, the classic lentil salad with bacon or the warm lentil salad with haddock.

Twist your salads with …

Pieces of cheese like parmesan shavings, squash or sunflower seeds, oilseeds (hazelnuts, almonds, nuts, cashews, etc.), bean sprouts, soft-boiled eggs, golden farm chicken supremes, duck breast smoked duck, ham … and of course aromatic herbs (frozen for example).

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