How to do good health protection for outdoor activities in May, send you a "picnic guide"

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How to do well in outdoor activities in May to give you a "picnic guide"

Editor's note: In May, when the green season begins, in this sunny and flowery day, people travel out to participate in outdoor activities. Although the prevention and control of the epidemic situation is better, we can not relax our vigilance, how to do a good job of health protection? How should I eat a picnic? Today, we have a good chat with everyone.

1. Appropriate outdoor exercise can improve health and quality of life. Reasonable and appropriate outdoor exercise can also contribute to the healthy development of children's bones, the enhancement of rabbit epidemic power and the health of cardiopulmonary function.

Second, the general public can participate in some outdoor physical exercises according to the climatic conditions. In principle, citizens do not need to wear masks during outdoor activities, but they should avoid close contact with people other than their peers. For masks, please refer to the "Guidelines for Wearing Masks During the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic"

3. At present, Beijing is still in the second-level response to the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia. Citizens who go to the stadium should still abide by the regulations of the relevant departments and use "Beijing Health Treasure" to confirm their actions and health status. Sports venue.

4. Children should go out with the guardian. The guardian should pay attention to the children's personal hygiene. If using public toys and facilities, they should pay special attention to hand hygiene. Children are urged not to touch the mouth, eyes and nose during the game.

5. When outdoor activities, do not spit, cover with elbows or tissues when sneezing or coughing. Whispering or nose secretions or spitting should be wrapped in paper towels and discarded in the trash.

6. After returning home from outdoor activities, wash your hands in time.

7. When you need to take public transportation for outing activities, please refer to the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Public Transport in the City During the Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia".

Tips: Dining out outdoors, remember what to eat and what not to eat

What can I eat for an outing?

First, water is a must. Pure water and mineral water are recommended as the first choice. If you are traveling by car or preparing for mountaineering and other physical activities, it is recommended to bring energy drinks or protein-rich dairy products to replenish water while maintaining blood sugar.

Second, fruits help nutrition. Due to restrictions on travel, the intake of vegetables in many people's diets will be greatly reduced, and trace elements such as vitamin c and potassium rich in fruits can help make up for the lack of nutrition caused by reduced intake of vegetables.

Third, protein-rich foods to satisfy hunger. Egg, beef jerky, fish fillet and other protein-rich foods can not only increase satiety but also satisfy the nutrition required by the human body. Therefore, it is recommended that every meal should be prepared with a high-protein food.

Fourth, the clever combination of staple food. When you have fun, your body's consumption will increase greatly. In order to maintain the body's function, the staple food should not only be full, but also choose soft and digestible foods, such as buns and noodles.

What should I pay attention to when eating out?

First of all, during the epidemic situation, safety protection must be done. In addition to wearing masks and avoiding crowded areas, be sure to clean your hands before starting a meal. If you have the conditions, you can use hand sanitizer or soap to wash your hands thoroughly under the seven-step hand washing method under running water. If there is no condition, you can carry hand disinfectant with you and use it before eating.

Secondly, don't taste wild fruits in the wild. For example, wild taro, poisonous mushrooms, tung avocado, etc., if eaten by mistake, will be hospitalized in less serious cases and will be fatal in life.

Thirdly, take less spoiled foods, such as cooked meat, cream, burgers, etc. The weather in May has gradually turned hot. During travel, food enclosed in confined spaces is prone to spoilage. If the gastrointestinal tract is sensitive, it may easily cause gastrointestinal dyspepsia or even vomiting and diarrhea.

Fourth, eating out should be "elaborate". First, it depends on the sanitation and cleanliness of the restaurant and whether the license is complete. Second, it depends on whether the ingredients are fresh, especially seafood and beans, which are "high-risk" ingredients. In special periods, it is recommended to try to maintain a certain social distance to eat or avoid dine-in.

Finally, avoid overeating and excessive drinking. Once indulged in the diet will not only increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, but also cause problems such as indigestion and constipation. Overeating and excessive drinking can easily cause acute pancreatitis caused by large secretion of pancreatic juice, which manifests as sudden abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and severe vomiting. Especially for some special patient groups, in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease, they should maintain a regular diet to ensure their own safety. (People's Health Network is integrated from Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, People's Network-Science Popularization China)

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