“Self-esteem is the greatest motivation for proud souls”, according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. A self-esteem which, unfortunately, does not always go hand in hand with everyday life, and which is weakened, for some, even more in contact with social networks and crises like the one currently being experienced. “This self-esteem responds to the way we see, judge and treat ourselves, explains Hélène Fresnel, journalist at Psychologies Magazine. The important thing is to succeed in taking a clear look at yourself “.

An ability to spot our qualities and our faults, not always easy, which goes largely through the eyes of others, from an early age. “From the start, it is the love of our parents, our comrades, or our teachers which give us these capacities to look at each other honestly “, continues the psychologist.

And if bad experiences in life can sometimes invite us to devalue ourselves, this contribution, by others, can help, provided it is beneficial. “Growing up, we just have to keep the links that matter to us with others, in order to sort things out and feel supported by the right people, adds Marie Andersen, psychologist. If we are aware of the value of who we are, then we can be reassured and take an objective look “.

But if this view of others matters, and we must use it to do an introspection of ourselves, there are, on the other hand, questions that only we can answer, such as courage for example. “We are sometimes the only ones able to identify certain traits of our character”, confirms Marie Andersen. Despite the complexity for all, keep in mind that everyone has a variety of qualities. It is then up to us to find them and develop them.

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– Hélène Fresnel, journalist at Psychologies Magazine, partner of the show.

– Marie Andersen, psychologist, author of “ The art of wasting life ” at Marabout.

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