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Apple allows you to make system backups of your iPhone, they can restore the smartphone later to the same state at the time of the backup. Whether from iTunes or iCloud, follow the guide!

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Whether to prevent a possible problem or a change of iPhone, backing up your data is an essential act that we can only advise you too much. If your smartphone needs to be reset, being able to restore its data is pure happiness.

Like on Android, Apple has made it as simple as possible. Steve Jobs claimed " it just works", We see that this leitmotif is still in use on the latest versions of iOS, at least on this point. Let’s see how to back up your iPhone’s data first, then we can tackle recovery.

Back up your iPhone data

With iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s online storage system. Integrated into iPhone since 2011, it is mainly used, for the majority of users, to store backups of data from their iPhone or iPad.

To activate online backup via iCloud, go to the Settings from your iPhone then in the menu Apple ID located at the very top of the list.

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This menu brings together all the settings related to your Apple account, including iCloud. Open this tab and in the category Apps using iCloud, go down to ICloud backup.

It is from this menu that we will be able to configure my iCloud backup. If this is activated, it will make a backup automatically once a day. If you want to force it, you just have to click on Save now.

Your backup will be done and you just have to wait for it to finish. If you prefer to do a local backup that is not in the cloud or you just run out of space on iCloud, you can do it from a computer.

With a computer

Get a computer with iTunes or a Mac running macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher. Connect your iPhone to the computer and go to its dedicated window on iTunes or on the Finder.

In the tab General, you have different options, but the one that interests us is that of backups. To launch it, nothing simpler, just click on Save now.

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The backup will then take place quietly and you will be notified when everything is finished.

Now that we've backed up our data, what if our iPhone crashes and we get a new one? There is only to restore everything!

Restore data from your iPhone

With iCloud

With an iCloud backup, data can only be restored with an iPhone with the "new" system. If yours is already configured, you must first reset it by going to the Settings, General, Reset and click on Delete content and settings. So your iPhone is reset and we can start restoring the system.

Start the configuration of the iPhone and on the menu Apps and data, choose to Restore from iCloud.

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You just have to choose the backup from the list offered by iCloud and it will be restored in a few minutes! The iPhone will then re-download all of your apps, etc., but you will be able to fully use it in this last step.

With a computer

Take your computer on which you have made your backup and connect your iPhone. This time, you don't have to have it reset to restore everything.

In iTunes or on the Finder, open the iPhone menu and in the tab General, select Restore backup. Choose the most relevant backup from the list, enter a password if it is encrypted and leave your iPhone plugged in until the process is complete.

The backup will be restored to your iPhone and when this is done, you can use it as if nothing had happened, no application will have to download and install, unlike iCloud backup.

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