Diego Poggi He regretted posting his dad’s response on Twitter. Beyond thanking the support he received from his followers and many celebrities, the host of TN He clarified that his intention had not been to expose it.

What was exposed is the way of raising an issue that, for some, can be uncomfortable. The first thing to clarify is that it is not a disease, but an orientation.

“You have to sit down and talk and understand that sexual orientation is not something you choose. What one likes is something that happens, it is not a pathology and it is not negotiable either ”, Maria Silvia Dameno (MN 16260), a psychologist at the Gestalt Association of Buenos Aires, asks Con Bienestar.

People do not choose their sexual orientation, just as they cannot choose their height or eye color. It is estimated that approximately 10% of people are homosexual.

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Poggi’s tweet quickly went viral. (Photo: Twitter / @ Poggi Capture)

Regarding the words of his father, the journalist -who has more than 470 thousand followers on Twitter- clarified: “For those who asked me: my father’s answer surprised me and I shared it in the midst of that sadness, but it was not my wish to expose it”.

“WhatsApp is very good for specific messages, but messages of great intimacy and personal involvement should be given face to face. If due to the pandemic it is not possible, the video call may be a better option ”, proposes the specialist.

The psychologist also maintains that beyond anger, an adult should measure responses based on how hurtful it can be to the other.

How to deal with this situation?

For those who come from homes with deeply rooted conservative values ​​-and even sexist-, Elsa Orlandini, a psychologist and specialist in issues related to sexuality, recommends: “You have to assess the courage and confidence that the son had when telling his sexual orientation and talk to him about it. If it is still difficult to achieve a certain degree of acceptance, it is best to attend family therapy ”.

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Parents often have a permanent fear that their children will be victims of stereotypes, stigma, discrimination, harassment and even violence, due to their sexuality.

In these cases, Ken Howard, psychotherapist, expert in support to the LGBT population suggests: “Before you stop to think about what others think of your gay son or grandson, give him as much love and acceptance as possible as a family.”

“Sexual orientation does not change the essence of people, the important thing is to direct efforts to be better human beings and not exclusively to the search for acceptance”, adds the psychologist Orlandini.