VIDEO – A hint: renting a Bugatti Chiron is really VERY expensive.

Do you want to drive a Bugatti Chiron every day? We too would like to. But at over three million a car, that kind of vehicle really means having a billionaire's bank account. This is why we automotive journalists are already very happy when we put our buttocks in these cars for a few tens of kilometers.

But for those "a little less wealthy", it is possible to rent a Bugatti Chiron year round. In the United States, a dealer in Florida offers to rent you a white Chiron, with the optional Skyview roof. But the monthly rental payments are a bit different from your regular rental car.

Over $ 65,000 per month!

If you want to go on a three-year rental contract, each monthly payment will cost you $ 52,196, or $ 44,000. Over a period of two years, these monthly payments amount to 65,950 dollars, or 55,595 euros. And unfortunately at that price, you won't be able to exceed 2,500 miles per year, which is just over 4,000 kilometers. The equivalent of 333 kilometers per month not to be exceeded. In short, immediately forget the big road-trips behind the wheel of your rental Alsatian supercar …