How many BMW logos on the Toyota Supra? –

Do you know how many BMW logos are found on the new Toyota Supra?

The Toyota Supra has just switched to a new generation of models. But this new Supra could never have come to an end without the collaboration with BMW. The fifth-generation Toyota Supra uses the chassis of the all-new BMW Z4.

And the Japanese sports car also has a 100% BMW engine, the turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that is brand-new. And the Supra also takes all the electronics on board the Z4.

How many logos?

Toyota of course claims a style and a development different from those of the German sportswoman. But as you can see in the video below, there are still a lot of "BMW" logos on the Toyota Supra when you start looking in the car parts. How ? That's the exact answer. A clue: there are many.

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