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div For several years, the United States has claimed that Huawei is a threat to national security because of its potential ties to the government. So far, the country has been unable to provide any evidence to support this hypothesis – even if it says it does, which has not prevented tensions from mounting in recent months.

The Chinese company has been blacklisted in order to highlight this risk and prevent US companies from doing business with it. Not long ago, the Trump administration indicated that sanctions against the firm will last until 2021 (at least).

" We're ready to be dissected in response to all this political pressure "

In this context, Huawei decided to seek to defend itself. To do so, the company has announced that it is prepared for a team of independent experts to investigate it to prove that it poses no risk to national security. If so, she might hope that the US will lift the sanctions and several countries agree to use its 5G equipment. After procrastinating on the issue, the UK came out in favor of banning Huawei from its 5G network a few months ago.

Luigi de Vecchis, President of Huawei in the USA spoke about the situation at the inauguration of a new center in Italy. He said: " We're going to open up our organs, we're ready to be dissected in response to all this political pressure. I remain stunned that a country the size of the United States can attack another country by demolishing it, via baseless accusations against one of its companies ".

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has declined a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to discuss Huawei. During this, he urged the country to " carefully consider the risk posed by technologies From companies like the Chinese group, as Trump had done with several European countries in the past. The president of Huawei in Italy was keen to clarify the situation, but he says Pompeo's coming while he is speaking on the subject is only a coincidence.

During his speech, Luigi de Vecchis added that Huawei is not planning to leave the Italian market and that it will even launch new products in the territory.

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