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The Swedish Volvo bus division announced on 5 November that it had received an order from Transdev to deliver 157 fully electric 7900 articulated buses. The first are expected in 2020 and will travel on the roads of Gothenburg (Sweden). This bus model was unveiled for the first time to the general public at the Busworld show, which took place from 18 to 23 October in Brussels (Belgium).

"In order to meet the specific needs of different cities and operators, the 7900 articulated electric bus can be flexibly and optimally constructed," Volvo Buses said in a statement. Capable of carrying up to 150 passengers, it is available in two different lengths: 18 meters and 18.7 meters. And the number of lithium-ion batteries can be adapted according to the need up to 396 kWh of stored energy. The two two-speed motors can provide a power of 2 x 200 kW for a maximum torque of 31 kNm (kilo-Newton meter) at the wheels.

Refill at depot or station

Charging can be done over the network with a CCS cable when the bus is parked at the depot, but also on the route at OppCharge fast charging stations. This open interface is used to recharge DC buses with a deployable pantograph mounted on the charging station. By May 2019, they were already equipping 164 stations in 13 countries. The maximum charging power at the OppCharge terminals can be up to 450 kW. That's up to three times more than the CCS cable charging power at the depot, which is 150 kW.

The Swedish manufacturer says its 7900 articulated electric buses consume "80% less energy than an equivalent diesel bus". Thanks to the electrification, "emissions and noise will be significantly reduced, and electric buses will be able to operate in sensitive areas or with restrictions," says Volvo in its statement. For example, zero-emission urban centers or stops in enclosed spaces. The vehicle can also be equipped with various security systems such as a pedestrian or cyclist detector.

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