TV smarts, as we like to call them these days, are literally popping up in manufacturers’ catalogs. They are on the rise and in the middle of the melee that is playing out, Android TVs seem to want to stand out and stand out … Let’s see why to turn to this solution offered by Android TV and how to do it without encounter major problems when changing the system, or when installing it.

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The question that most consumers will ask themselves is: what exactly is the concept of Android TV? What is the difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV?

Relevant question, if any, since basically Android TVs are nothing more than Smart tv however subject to Operating systems specific products developed or used only by certain manufacturers. At the start of 2021, the Philips, TCL, Sharp and Sony brands are the only ones to equip their Connected TV with Android TV. The advantage for these brands is to benefit, of course, from the know-how, but also from the network and the infrastructure deployed by Google, namely the applications, the music platforms or cinema, the compatibility iPhone Android and a system if not “universal”, at least unified that simplifies life.

Yes but now, before having the simplified life, the anguish holds for some in the installation even of the android tv system, and a little explanation will show you that there is nothing to worry about.

An intuitive configuration, accessible to all

You will be surprised at the speed with which the installation and configuration are carried out, because everything has been very well thought out, including for an audience very little familiar with the new technologies. And this is rightly verified with regard to Android TV, its ergonomics and the disconcerting ease with which everyone must be able to install it.

Start by checking that you have a Wi-Fi connection and a Google account. Two options are possible, either your TV integrates Android TV, in which case you just have to connect it, or you own a device External Android TV, which must therefore be connected to your television set, before turning everything on.

The configuration can be done with:

  • a android phone ;
  • the remote control of the Android device;
  • a computer.

Select the option you want to choose for the configuration using the remote control, then follow the prompts, or open the application on your phone if necessary. Type or state “Configure my device”, follow the instructions dictated on your phone until a code is communicated to you (it must correspond to the one displayed on your television). Confirm the name of the TV on your phone, follow the instructions displayed on the TV screen and you’re done.

In matter installation of software or applications, Google has real experience and, from now on, the protocols are carefully studied in order to be as simple and as intuitive as possible. For companies like Google, the stakes and the competition are such that it is a question of offering as many people as possible a practical way and perfectly intelligible interfaces so that everything seems to flow naturally for any user who finds himself facing to a Google-branded product, and Android TV is no exception.

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