How do casinos use psychology to get more gambling?

In the casino, the house wins every time. This statement is known to all players and the majority of them know the principle of this establishment. Despite this, they keep going to place bets. Everyone is aware that this is a psychological influence, but few people actually realize how this cog turns. Do you want to know how casino owners make you play even more ?

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Attention to colors

To get a person's attention, you have to use the beautyand to colors. Casino managers figured this out early on. To draw players into the cracks of their nets, they emphasize the colors very attractive.

In fact, have you ever wondered why they all look the same? The answer is quite simple, because they use the same your , axed on :

  • warm brown;
  • velvet red;
  • the shy yellow.

The decor of the casinos is the result of professional to immerse you in the total illusion as soon as you step inside.

The expression of luxury

When you walk into a casino, your goal is to make money. The managers of the finest casinos know this and do everything they can to make sure you don't hesitate to shell out. We make you feel in the luxury and we infuse you with the taste thanks to a overpriced furniture interesting design.

The emphasis is on elegance and richness from the ground to the ceilingand even in the toilet. The customer is welcomed like a king and everything is at his disposal. He then feels in a comfort equal to that of his home or even more important. So, to prove to himself that he deserves it, he does not hesitate to take out his money to play the games offered to him.

Some houses do not hesitate to hire professionals to invite celebrities .

The hospitality of the house

One of the other casino strategies concerns accommodation that they offer to punters. Most luxury establishments do not hesitate to offer very luxurious suites to guests for the night. Their targets are often people who keep playing until certain hours.

These latter customers benefit from comfort that the house offers them by taking advantage of the lodging and the services of the staff. The owners encourage them to come back and spend the next day. Great players reserve for everything weekendin order to make the most of it. The happiest are the managers of the establishments.

Intelligent space management

One of the assets that institutions use as they please is the efficient space management . For a simple user, the interior of a casino is filled with slot machines and various other games. This is quite true, but it should be noted that the disposition of these different elements does not happen at random.

Indeed, in the rooms, a real work of arrangement is carried out to allow the player to feel at ease. Obviously, no one wants to spend time in an uncomfortable place. All setups are made to give space and privacy to the customer in order to keep it longer.

Hypnosis by sounds

This is where all the psychological work on casino customers. All users in the community know that soundsmachines aren't all about buzzing. They are designed to inspire you to play even more. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that losses are ignored and not gains?

sons lumieres casino - How do casinos use psychology to get more gambling?

Indeed, when there is a jackpot, everyone is in the know thanks to sound and light signals . The purpose of this is to encourage the other players present, making them believe in the ease of winning. However, when you lose, no one is told …

Interested services

For casinos, the more people there are, the more profit can be made. They then have policies of marketing to attract all kinds of audiences. It is not uncommon to see an establishment offering shows of all kinds (concert, comedy, duets and other performances). The idea is to make people believe that there is always something going on in order to get them to come back.

In reality, the goal is to attract them to the premises to make them succumb to the charm of the place. Obviously, players will be easier to phish, but non-players will also be curious.

The bar nearby

Most players feel the need to swallow a glass of whiskey to pass a loss while others need it to spend their money on other games. Either way, the establishments have it covered for you. There is always a bar just steps from your location.

Plus, they employ waiters and waitresses to bring you what you need when the need arises. However, again you will notice that the route of each bar leads to a new tablegame. This is done on purpose to draw your attention to another chance to win.

The illusion with light

Have you ever walked into a casino at 6 p.m. for a quick game of poker and left in the early morning? If so, don't blame yourself, because you couldn't help it . Everything is played on the light in the places.

In reality, casino lighting is Thames to give the impression of an early evening in order to deceive the players. It makes them lose track of time and no clock is installed to remind them to come back. Those with well-adjusted stomachs notice it around dinner time, but the rest are deluded.

Welcome bonuses

This technique is used in both land-based and online establishments. They offer reductions thanks to coupons and loyalty cards to big players. For online platforms, everything depends on the bonuses offered during registrationwhich range from 200% to 500% for the most generous. Try them out for yourself to see if you are resisting the call for profit!

The use of odors

This practice is not widespread, but it is very usual . It is also a strategy based on psychology. Institutions use pleasant scents to keep punters on their premises much longer. According to polls, perfumes are intended to create nostalgiain the player who would associate his good times with his experience at the casino. However, it must be said that this technique is used less and less.

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