The personality and position of the moon on the day of your birth reveals a lot about personality. But how are they connected?

In different cultures, the Moon has different names depending on the period of the year in which it appears. It is also connected to the personality characteristics of a person according to the month of birth.

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January, wolf moon

Those who were born in January did so under the wolf’s moon. They are people with a very introspective and oriented towards their inner world. They generally think and act based on evidence and facts rather than personal instincts. They are people with a great and marked communication capacity that allows them to convey their ideas in a clear and understandable way. They are good friends and excellent companions.

February, the snow moon

They are reserved and with excellent observation, even if they can barely understand people. Too often they make hasty judgments that have not made life easier for them. They must learn to better judge people and understand more deeply their flaws and strengths. By doing this, they will only get better.

March, the endless moon

Their ability to socialize meant they got a success after another. They have a pleasant chat but above all, they are able to adapt to any situation, even the most abrupt. They love challenges because they can show off their many talents.

April, the pink moon

They are people with a past turbulent, who have a passion for defending to the extreme everything they consider unfair. Whether they are enemies or friends, it’s okay to express disappointment if something doesn’t come back to them. They simply cannot tolerate illegality.

May, the flower moon

Their life has always been complicated, but in difficulties they have been lucky. They always achieve solve any problem Before it gets complicated It’s not that anyone gives them anything, it’s that they have a natural gift that prompts them to do the right thing at the right time. They are also very generous and therefore admired.

June, strawberry

In this case, it is equivalent to the symbol of the strawberry, or wit. They are people with a capacity for observation that allows them to anticipate any situation that may come their way. It will surely be something quite useful for everyone around them, in fact, they often turn their experience into a source of knowledge for all their loved ones. At work, they are always considered wise.

July, the lightning

People born in July are usually very unpredictable. They tend to have a marked closed character. As they are not good observers, they are carried away by their inner instincts and passions. This leads them to be very explosive people, who change their personality according to the intuitions they have. Despite this, they often have a strong sense of humor that makes them undeniably magnetic.

August, sturgeon

One of the luckiest moons are people without Social problems, with a great capacity to understand the people around them. They are non-judgmental and always see everything from a good perspective. They love meeting their loved ones and therefore are always one step ahead of other people’s problems.

September, the harvest

People born in September have all the skills necessary to become un excellent leader. Thanks to their strong decision-making skills, they end up enjoying everyone’s respect. They have a good intuition and that is why they are always guided by intuition.

October, from the hunter

People are usually born on the hunter’s moon very warrior they tend to be very individual. In fact, they love to live without depending on anyone. They are very intuitive and this allows them to correctly judge all the people around them, in fact, they are rarely wrong.

November, from the beaver

These are people with a social character, which is based on internal perceptions. This means that they have a high capacity for learning that allows them to understand what others need, anticipating the thoughts of others. It is very difficult to find an unsuspecting beaver, so they are often very successful in whatever they decide to do.

December, the cold

They are true calculating machines. In fact, in their life they are surrounded by large groups of friends and people who appreciate your opinions. They are people with a high degree of success thanks to a generally above-average intelligence and due to an almost supernatural empathy.