This year, in France, the summer promises to be drier and hotter than normal over a large part of the territory, according to the forecasts of Meteo France. Of heat peaks are expected. And you can imagine it will not be pleasant for people, not even for our pets.

How do you know if a dog is having a heat stroke?

The dogs are vulnerable to hot weather. They can quickly catch a hot shot. In general, this state of health is characterized by high hyperthermia (fever) above 40 ┬░ C but also by very rapid breathing and more saliva secretion than usual. The dog’s muscles may also be shaky and cause his gait to stagger. He may also have trouble breathing and in some extreme cases, become unwell.

Reflexes to adopt to cool your dog in summer

In case of hot weather, it is important to adopt the right reflexes to refresh and protect your dog. The key word is hydration. Consider getting him to drink cold (not ice-cold) water as many times as possible. You can also isolate it in a cool and ventilated place then then refresh his body little by little, zone by zone. In addition, if you take it outside you must be particularly vigilant. Do not hesitate to take a travel bowl or wrap it with a special dog cooling vest. For walks, avoid the hot hours between 11 am and 6 pm and do not walk on the asphalt at the risk of damaging and burning his pads. Favor grass and shade.

Discover in our slideshow all our tips for your dog to endure the hot weather.

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